Markus Goessi – Performer and Visual Artist

Solo Performances

OPEN, Performancefestival, Kaskadenkondensator Basel 2019. Initiator: Chen Jin, Peking, Organisation: Sibylle Hauert und Gisela Hochuli.

"Perros De Colores"
EXTRA!, Festival Internacional De Performance, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Centro Histórico, Ciudad De México 2019.

"El Agua Fría En El Desierto De Los Leones"
Biosfera Experimental Arte De Acción, Ciudad De México 2019.

"Hot White"
PANCH, Must or Not, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel 2018.

"Hi Mom"
UNWRAP THE Present, Hell or High Water, Bern 2018.

"Consecrated to Mars"
LEGS — Performance Relay Basel, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel 2017.

"Krallen Zeiger_Giswil"
LEGS — Zentralschweiz, aktionistisches Performancefestival, Turbine Giswil, Giswil/OW 2017.

"Krallen Zeiger_Lenzburg"
FORWARD16, Int.Performance Festival, Lenzburg/AG 2016.

"Krallen Zeiger_Köln"
FIXATIONEN, Performancefestival Köln/D 2016.

"Krallen Zeiger_Essen"
Performancefestival INTERVAL°8 – ERDgeschoss, Essen/D 2016.

"Krallen Zeiger_Basel"
"Must or not", PANCH, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel 2016.

Live Art 2011, Venkatappa, Bangalore/IND 2011.

"ohne Titel"
Präsente, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel 2011.

International Performance Festival, MOMENTUM, Brüssel/B 2010.

"Rollen und Spulen"
1.Offenburger Performance Tage, ehemalige Maschinenhalle Spinnerei Offenburg, Offenburg/D 2009.

"Histories Play_Muttenz/BL"
"Sicht auf das Original", Kunstkredit BS, Kunsthaus BL, Muttenz/BL 2009.

"Histories Play_Peking"
10th OPEN Performance Art Festival, Peking/CN 2009.

Art of encountering, Rhein Hafen, Basel 2009.

Performance Licht Festival, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel 2009.

"What else"
Best of Act, Museumsnacht, Gegenwartsmuseum, Basel 2009.

"Frische Fahne_Minsk"
Performance Festival, NAVINKI, Minsk/BY 2008.

"Frische Fahne_Zürich"
"Der längste Tag" Performancefestival, Kunsthof, Zürich 2008.

Performancefestival, BONE 10-Performance by gay artists, Schlachthaus Theater, Bern 2007.

Kulturpalast Wedding, Berlin/D 2007.

"Von Geld und Waschmaschinen"
Performerinnentreffen, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel 2007.

PPProgr, Bern 2007.

Transformer2, Photoforum PasqueArt, Biel/BE 2007.

"For my sisters in Chile"
Ateliergemeinschaft VIA, Basel 2007.

Haus für Kunst Uri, Altdorf/UR 2006.

"Alumaster_Santiago de Chile"
Primera Bienal de Performance, DEFORMES, Santiago de Chile/RCN 2006.

"Bacon and some corn_Muttenz"
Sicht auf das Original, Kunstkredit BS, Kunsthaus BL, Muttenz/BL 2005.

"Smart energy"
International Performance Art Festival, Turbine Giswil, Giswil/OW 2005.

"Bacon and some corn_Hochdorf"
Atelier Veranstaltung, Hochdorf/LU 2005.

Kunstraum Schalter, Basel 2005.

Tag der offenen Tür, HGK, Basel 2003.
"Tschabo ll"
Act-Kunststudenten Plattform, Stadtgalerie Bern, Bern 2003.
"Tschabo lll"
Areal Billerbeck, Vordiplom3, Allschwil/BL 2003.
Areal Billerbeck, Vordiplom2, Allschwil/BL 2002.
"ohne Titel"
Veranstaltungssaal Dock4, Kassel/D 2001.
"ohne Titel"
Galerie Apropos, Luzern 2001.
"A little place with bright books"
Kunstpanorama, Luzern 2000.


"Jam Session"
with María Eugenia Chalet (MX), ErikaBülle (MX), Esmeralda Pérez Támiz (MX), Jorge Ismael Rodrigues (MX), Pancho Lopez (MX), Maricruz Peñaloza (CH/MX), Saskia Edens (CH), Lilian Frei (CH), Gisela Hochuli (CH), Markus Goessi (CH).
EXTRA!, Festival Internacional De Performance, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Centro Histórico, Ciudad De México 2019.

"The Gathering - Die Zusammenkunft"
Spazio ELLE Locarno, mit Gisela Hochuli, Dominik Lipp, Lilian Frei, Glynis Ackermann,Thomas Zollinger, Joelle Valterio, Bruno Schlatter, Nadine Seeger, Irena Kulka, Heike Fiedler, Lara Buffard, Sandra De los Santos, Bernhard Gubser, Simona Viviani, Francesco Spedicato, Mirzlekid, Rolf Schulz, Markus Goessi.

"The Gathering - Die Zusammenkunft"
NEOSCOPE 18 Zofingen.
Organisers for PANCH: Gisela Hochuli, Dominik Lipp
Artists: Gisela Hochuli, Nadine Seeger, Irene Kulka, Glynis Ackermann, Conny Wagner, Albena Mihaylova, Beatrice Schumacher, Simone Etter, Lisa Jenny, Thomas Zollinger, Bruno Schlatter, Rolf Schulz, Dominik Lipp, Mirzlekid, Markus Goessi.
Zofingen 2018.

Organiser Thomas Reul, Christiane Obermayr. Invited Artists: Markus Gössi, Nicolas Puyjalon, Eunhye Hwang, Bartolomé Ferrando and Vivian Chinasa Ezugha. Open Source Performance with from guests of Cologne, Brussels and Berlin. Köln/D 2016.

"Interval °8 – Kulturpfadfest / Essen"
Organiser Marita Bullmann, PAErsche and guests performed together outside in a little park as part of the 15.Kulturpfadfest in Essen. Artists: Esther Ferrer, Markus Gössi, Eunhye Hwang, Nicolas Puyjalon, Bartolomé Ferrando, Vivian Chinasa Ezugha, Marita Bullmann, Béatrice Didier, Lala Nomada, Evamaria Schaller, Carola Willbrand, Mark Met. Essen/D 2016.

"Must or not"
Panch, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel 2016. The second edition of Performance Events: something we always wanted to do and have never dared: Frightening, preferences, classic and never shown in performances. In past Panch meetings the desire came to have a practical dealing with questions. Hence the idea in Kaskadenkondensator was to have a meeting and a performance whereby it goes on the types of performance that particularly impress - both in a positive as well as a negative way. The event „Must or not“ wants to take these suggestions seriously and go to discussion performatively. Therefore this weekend in March there’s the opportunity to develop and try something. Mit: Andrea Saemann, Chris Regn, Claudia Grimm, Gisela Hochuli, Glynis Ackermann, Joelle Valreio, Markus Goessi, Mirzlekid, Nara Pfister, Pascale Grau und Rolf Schulz.

" Six without material" (6 h)
The 6 performers work for 6 hours at 6 different locations in Basel, Zurich and the Canton of Bern in a public space, without material. It is every man/woman for him/ herself and at the same time a collaboration. It is a process of letting in, of beco- ming empty, of recharging, of exhaustion, of repetition, of development and much more. Those watching have the opportunity to pass by, to remain standing, to watch or to integrate themselves into the situation, but they are also presented with the possibility of discovery, of wonder and of being irritated. For example, who is in fact the “performer”, who the passer-by, what is “performative” activity and what is everyday activity? Boedi S. Otong, Glynis Ackermann, Markus Goessi, Gisela Hochuli, Monica Klinger und Thomas Zollinger. 2011.

„Art of Encountering“
The project idea for „art of encounter“ was developed by Boris Nieslony (Cologne) and launched. Art of the encounter takes place every two years with the following idea: Seven artists from Asia encounter seven local, artistic positions in an encoun- ter with the aim to bring into view, methods, models and artistic strategies. The subject of contemplation of the presentation is: Similarity, friction and differences of the models, methods and strategies in different publics to make „implicitly the public space“ . In a series of performance events in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc., the performance artists perform in urban areas in the form of a ‚City Walk‘ - as well as performing in conference rooms. Ferial A ff, Reza Asung, A sina, Wathiq Al Ameri & Ali Al Fatlawi, W Christiawan, Saskia Edens, Gisela Hochuli, Boris Nieslony, Joost Niewenburg, Boedi S. Otong, Klara Schilliger & Valerian Maly, Barbara Sturm, Melati Suryodarmo, Suprapto Suryodarmo, Yoyoyogasmana. Kaskadenkondensator, Basel 2009.

„Die schwitzende Löwin“
A type Art(en)tertaiment evening with Les Reines Prochaines and their grandiose guests, Wildwuchs 09 - Culture Festival für Solche und Andere, 19.-28. Juni 2009, Kaserne Basel mit Alois Bischof, Claudia Brodbeck, Daniela Dill, Evi Nic & C, Markus Goessi, Pascale Grau, Judith Huber, Matto Kaempf, Mizelkid, Adrian Krassai, Les Délicieuses, Leila Martin, Bea & Fabian Nichele, Andrea Saemann & Chris Regn, Philippe Saladin, Laurent Sollberger & Renate Buser, Andrea Vogel. Les Reines Prochaines und Freunde: Michèle Fuchs, Sibylle Hauert, Fränzi Madörin, Muda Mathis, Barbara Naegelin, Jan Voellmy, Sus Zwick.

„Non stop Improvisation“
Liste 09, The young art fair, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel 2009. Based on an idea by Barbara Sturm, artists Markus Gössi, Boedi S. Otong, Judith Huber, Monica Klingler, Pat Treyer, Eric Létourneau, Judith Röthlisberger and Gisela Hochuli, together with Barbara Sturm, performed for 6 hours during the Young Art Fair Liste 09 at the Kaskadenkondensator in Basel. The performance space is an area of 4m X 4m which lies two meters below the rest of the space. It is a small space for 9 people. What will be done remains open. No previous arrangements are made. A spectator reacts to the performance with strong criticism.

„die//reihe ‚tanzt’ den Basler Walzer“
mit VIA and Friends in the Imprimerie Basel, St. Jo- hanns Vorstadt, 2008. The 5th Performance evening in this year‘s Kasko series that dealt with dance from the performance point of view, fell out of the series so 30 short performances by artists from Basel and their friends were shown as well as a longterm performance. The eveninglength program was divided into 3 blocks with following Artists: Iris Baumann, Domenico Billari, Claudia Bucher, Martin Burr, Michèlle Fuchs, Markus Goessi, Pasquale Grau und Matthias Scheurer, Sonna B. Gröflin, Angela Hausheer, Cornelia Huber, Judith Huber, Silvana Iannetta, Hansjörg Köfler, Tom Lang, Irene Maag, Fränzi Madörin, Muda Mathis, Aron Müller und Alice Mundschin, Engerlieben (Margrit Rieben und Bruno Wenger), Chris Regn, Marion Ritzmann, Anna Stieger, Elda und Pat Treyer, Jan Voellmy, Tina z‘Rotz, Sus Zwick.